You can take care of your skin and have radiant skin without a complicated ritual or suitcase full of products. 

Love and cherish your body. Highlight the natural beauty of your skin by using only the bare minimum that your skin needs. Indulge in the simplicity of minimalist skin & hair care. You deserve decadent, subtle, understated products made with the essential number of ingredients. 

By Anhesa creates minimalist skin care products that honour your body and celebrate your raw, natural, unique beauty. Minimal number of ingredients are combined to create gentle products that work effectively. Products are lightly enhanced with mild scents that dissipate very quickly. Some products are made with plant derived ingredients. When possible, unprocessed or lightly-processed ingredients are used. They are perfect for your minimalist routine.

Products made with minimal, unprocessed, or lightly-processed ingredients require less resources and energy. Using minimalist products is one way to limit our environmental impact.

Minimalist skin care is restrained and thoughtful luxury.


 oh…hi, you found me. A little about me then. I’m Anupa and I run By Anhesa. I have always made my own skin & hair care products using spices, herbs, and other raw edible ingredients. Sometimes these left me feeling and smelling like a clean, fresh, alive garden and sometimes, well…it was hard to tell the difference between me and the garden. I started longing for convenience and simplicity without sacrificing the feeling of rawness. I created By Anhesa so that you could have all that in a bottle. If you would like to learn more, you can add your email to the mailing list and follow via Instagram.