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Having dry skin can be horrible. Your skin feels tight, rough, and looks wrinkled, parched. Wanting soft, smooth skin you may think, I need something that is rich and nourishing with a lot of ingredients. You try the 'more is better ' approach which can leave your skin feeling heavy, smothered, greasy.

Comforting your dry skin does not have to feel this way. You can get radiant, hydrated, moisturized skin with lightweight, non-greasy products containing minimal ingredients.

By Anhesa creates minimalist dry skin care. Minimal number of ingredients are combined to create lightweight, gentle products that work effectively. Some of the ingredients come from plants, some are lightly-processed or unprocessed. Scents are added for a little burst of pleasure.

Minimalist products showcases love for your body. By taking away the unnecessary and using only what you need you honour and cherish your body. Putting your body first is self-love.

Using minimalist products also shows love for the planet. It is one way to reduce our environmental impact. Products made with minimal or lightly-processed ingredients require less resources and energy.

A little bit about the products

By Anhesa is an online store run by one person. That person is me, Anupa. I make all the products myself. I make them for you when you place an order.

I also test a product on myself before I decide to sell it. I have dry skin and if it does not work on my skin then I will not sell it.


A little bit about me

For a long time, I wanted “perfect” skin (and hair and body) just like the people on magazine covers and skincare advertisements. I thought that one of these products would give me great skin, hair or body. I just had to find it.
I have stopped looking for the perfect product. I have stopped looking for perfection. I instead focus on accepting my skin as it is. I focus on taking care of myself — physically taking care of my skin, hair, body. I also focus on my thoughts and try to let go of the ones that do nothing for me. I focus on self-care and self-love. In doing so, I have found that I need less and less for perfect skin, hair and body. Minimalism and 'less is more' is liberating and beautiful.

I created By Anhesa to help you focus on yourself, on your self-care and self-love. I want you to feel the liberating freedom of accepting yourself, and buying and using skincare because you need or want them (and not because you have to look like By Anhesa's or anyone else’s idea of perfection).