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Natural face wash made from the Yucca plant By Anhesa

Yucca plant

Image: Pawel Czerwinski, Unsplash

Natural face wash. Made from plants. That is gentle, minimalist. That does not strip the skin’s natural oils. Does it exist? I mean, that is a lot to ask from a face wash. Yes, it does exist.

The Yucca face wash By Anhesa.

Yucca. Interesting. What is that you may ask? Glad you asked. Let me introduce you to Yucca, the star in the Yucca face wash By Anhesa. Its official name is Yucca schidigera Roezl ex Ortgies. Most people just call it Yucca. It belongs to the family Agavacea and grows in Mexico and southern United States.

Yucca is used for many purposes. We have the First Nations of North America to thank for discovering the various uses of Yucca. They have traditionally used it for medicine, hygiene, footwear, household items. I am going to focus on its use in hygiene and, specially, as a cleanser.

Yucca can clean your skin and hair

Yucca is natural soap. It is as natural as it gets. It does not require any special processing to turn it into soap. You can take parts of the plant, add water and cut, bruise, crush, squeeze it. The result is a light foamy liquid soap.

Here is a video of liquid soap being made from Yucca.

What makes Yucca a cleanser?

Yucca contains a phytochemical (a compound that is naturally found in plants) called Saponins. Saponins act as detergent surfactants to remove the oil/dirt from your skin and hair. A detergent surfactant allows, for example two liquids such as water and oil that do not mix, to mix together.

On their own, water and oil do not mix. If you tried to remove oil from your skin with just water it will not work very well. That is why you need a detergent surfactant. A detergent surfactant attracts both water and oil. It combines them so the oil can be washed away easily.

All cleansers contain some sort of surfactants. Even the surfactants derived from natural sources are made in a lab. Yucca, on the other hand, naturally contains surfactants. You do not need access to a lab to use Yucca as a soap. It is easy to use and gentle on your skin. It soothes while cleansing because it is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

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