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Cruelty-free, ethical, sustainable, nontoxic skincare (Part II)

Image: Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum, Unsplash

Business values and ethics. How does it work on a practical level?

In last week’s post, I wrote that By Anhesa wants to help you with self-love for yourself and your body while minimizing its impact on people, animals, and environmental resources.

Aside from selling products, how can a skincare company do that? What can it do as a small business starting out limited by its size and capacity? One thing that can be done is that By Anhesa can try to operate in a way that does not conflict, but aligns, with the promotion of self-love and minimal impact. By Anhesa has chosen to do this by donating to charities.


Self-love is about loving your inner and outer self. It is about feeling empowered to be yourself.

It is hard for a business to practice self-love. It sounds a bit ridiculous even though, legally, a business is a natural person. But, it can carry on its business in alignment with the notion of self-love, self-empowered.

By Anhesa gives 10% of its annual net profits to educational and employment charities. Why education and employment? How can you practice self-love, feel empowered to be yourself when you do not have a source of income or education needed for employment or cannot expand your skills, knowledge, mind, beliefs?

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