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Cruelty-free, ethical, sustainable, nontoxic skincare

Image: Chris Knight, Unsplash

Have you wondered how a business pick its values and ethics? Are they just marketing tools? Do businesses really care?

I run By Anhesa, an online, Toronto-based skincare company. It is just me behind the company. I make the products, send them to be shipped, take care of customers, manage the online store and everything else.

Initially, I wanted By Anhesa to be a natural, plant-based skincare company. When I created the business, I knew nothing about marketing. The only thing I knew was that the word made me cringe. Now, I know a little bit about marketing.

When I looked at natural, plant-based skincare companies they used words such as cruelty-free, sustainable, ethical, nontoxic. Obviously, those are great values (assuming that everyone shares the same understanding on what these words mean). But they did not stop there. They seemed to be making the suggestion that the other skincare industry (you know, the products full of ‘chemicals’) was unnatural, unsafe, unsustainable, and unethical. Their marketing tone seemed to be based on a generous, unhealthy amount of fear.

Fear-based marketing is not me. I do not want to build a business using fear-based marketing. I do not want to build an ‘US vs THEM’ mindset and then be left to defend that position. Enough of that already exists in the world everywhere. There is no need to contribute to it.

By Anhesa uses plant-bases ingredients to make its products. In the future, it may use non-plant-based ingredients. Whatever ingredients By Anhesa uses, its main goal is to help people with self-love and self-care. Help people love, appreciate, accept, and celebrate their bodies and themselves.

If you truly love and care for yourself then you would naturally feel joy, happiness and you would naturally express that when you interact with other people, animals, resources — everything the planet has to offer.

True self-love and self-care does not require a lot. Hence, the idea of minimalism. Using only what you need, with a few extras for a little pleasure. What does this mean for the values and ethics of By Anhesa?

By Anhesa is a minimalist company that promotes true self-love and self-care while minimizing the impact on the planet, its people, animals and resources.

As a small business owner, just starting out, I may not be able to minimize the company’s impact on the planet as I wish. But I will always be working on it.

Wishing you the best for your health and well-being.

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